Thursday, October 4, 2012


From the prestigious Fringe publication ThreeWeeks: 

"A delicate and gentle dance through sunny and beautiful fairy tales and dark and saddening memories. A white dress, tender poetry and sharp shadows behind a blurry screen guide through trashcan lined alleyways and roads guarded by linden trees, through wild journeys on public transport and on silken hot air balloons, through blue skies, to the Crimean sea and to Paris. They all end in a cemetery. Imagery, video installation and movement are skilfully used to create a sweet melancholy that shifts between love and sorrow. Beautifully interspersed between two screens, this is a clever and poetic collage on a touching short story by Vladimir Nabokov in which parents try to cope with the loss of their baby."

Read the full listing here:

We're proud, of course, and grateful for our time in Scotland this summer. Thanks to everyone who attended the piece, to CalArts for producing so brilliantly, and to the sunshine for giving us a bit of home across the month.  And thanks to YOU, our faithful followers.  

Alexis, Genevieve and Matthew

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Critics are “dazzled!”

It took a minute, but the press has finally arrived and it speaks for itself:

“…aesthetically entrancing…”

“…encouraging the imagination…”

“The effect is hypnotic”

But wait! There’s more:

“Matthew Bamberg-Johnson’s interaction with the audience was effortlessly relaxed,
as he leaned into his listeners with confident familiarity and warmth. Listening
to his voice reverberating around the auditorium, the visual focus was on the
projections or the silhouette of his silent wife, played by Genevieve Gearhart, slowly
dancing behind the screen.

Gearhart is graceful and elegant, with minimal gestural movements delivered
with calm precision and brief moments of bright, wonderfully animated facial
expressions. Her silence produces a disconcerting intensity when she is present,
often seen behind the first screen as if lost in some other world. This separation is
intensified through the tender interactions between the silhouette of Gearhart and
the physical body of her husband. Is she lost to him forever in her grief?

The mesmerizing nature of both performers, physically and vocally, created an
overly dazzling effect when teamed with the dreamy projections…”

- Broadway Baby

Obviously, we’re proud. But don’t just take our word for it. Audiences have been
writing in to tell us how they feel too:

“An engrossing piece of theatre… I loved it.”

“Beautiful movement and acting”

“Very emotive. Well done.”

“A moving and thought-provoking performance that demonstrates great versatility
for the actors and superb direction, this show will please those familiar with
Nabokov and those discovering his work for the first time.”

Posted on behalf of Alexis and her broken gmail.


Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Lull-

We've hit the mid-festival doldrums, awaiting a media review that will hopefully make people aware of the good work that we're doing, and that will bring audiences in droves. The excitement of the opening has worn off, and the inevitable desperation of the final week has yet to descend- the need to consume, experience, immerse ourselves in everything that this place has to offer.

We're going up to the mile today to flyer.  This show is not a flashy one- there is no song and dance number, and without the projection, much of what we do would just seem weird. Our small venue doesn't have a massive media presence, the "company," such as it is, doesn't have a recognizable brand presence to bring people in without us working for it.  And so we do.  People here talk a lot about your pitch line- the words that you fling at a passing festival goer that make them select your postcard from among the thousands that they are bombarded with on a daily basis.  We're left with the question, "what is the two-second synopsis of our show?"

Some highlights have been:  "Nabokov multimedia story theater!"  "World premiere Nabakov adaptation!" "All the way from California to scintillate your senses!", and "here's a shiny postcard with my face on it!"

The point is, it's tough.  But amidst the challenges, glimmers of awesomeness remind us of the other reasons why we're here.

Participating in a community of international art makers is a unique and priceless gift.  The incredible russian dancers of "Mephisto Waltz" aren't coming to LA, nor is the surprisingly touching and magical "Bullet Catch." Even the drek serves a purpose (and there is plenty of that, too.) Each piece serves as a mirror back to us, to our own artmaking, to our own reasons for doing this seemingly futile dance day in and day out.

And that's comforting.  But we'd still like some audience.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Opening Weekend

The show is up on its feet and looks gorgeous. We've already had some reviewers present who apparently "loved it" but no articles as of yet. Here are some shots from our preview. A new trailer coming soon!!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

We've arrived!

[From the GODS travel journal...]

We arrived in Scotland a bit ago and have been lucky to find sunshine and warm(ish) weather! Everything is getting ready and we're in great shape to open on Saturday. With two projectors, sound, lights, and, of course, our gorgeous stars, we needed a lot of tech time.  Thanks to everyone's dedication we managed to get a full-team tech-through completed in the kitchen of our hostel! Thanks Zach, Maura, Katie, Lynne, Harlow and especially Fred for making that such a pleasant and productive time! Into the space we go tomorrow for final Q-to-Q. 
Let's see what's in the fridge, shall we?
Some of our great production help: Lighting Designer Zach Moore (helping out for the day), Costume Designer Lynne Martens, and Stage Manager Fred Fitzgerald calling the show (and the shots!).
Kitchen tech! In front of the "camels" are Maura Reinhart (OUR Lighting Designer) and Katie Wertz who's helping out with scenic stuff.  And the lovely Matthew and Genevieve of course.
I think this is a joke, but it's good karma!

The Fudge House! Yummmm!

On the way to the venue, where High Street turns into Cannongate.

Yup. Streets here change names right in the middle. Sometimes much more than once. So there.

Our beloved theatrical home.

Venue 13 in the sunlight!

My hostel bedroom's view this year

Our Funders

These generous souls helped us cross the pond and have supported this process with their words, their hearts - and their wallets! We will be eternally grateful. And, since the Internet is forever, we'd like to take a moment to raise a glass and toast to them... to YOU!

Cheers! You make art happen. THANK YOU!
Eternal gratitude goes out to:

Adam Mayfield
Aleshea Harris
Ali Brodsky
Alice Tuan
Alison Brown
Amanda Shank
Amelia Lahn
Amy Basen
Amy Tofte
Andrew Gearhart
Barbara Bamberg
Bill Gearhart
Bob & Peg Bamberg
Brad DeBiase
Bruce Johnson
Chelsea Naftelberg
Chris Cotone
Claire Bamberg
Daniel Lannon
David Johnson
David Weintraub
Deena Selenow
Doninic Menta
Dorothy Strano Bennett (and Amy)
Elizabeth Lewis
Ellen Christine Reid
Emma Barrow
Gabriel F Carleton-Barnes
Hilary Willard
Ian Garrett
Irene Walsh
Janie Geiser
Jean Paul Rautio
Joan Gearhart
John D. Scully
Judy Primavera
Karin Smerczynski
Laura LeVan
Linda Howells
Lucy McRae
Marie Menta
Marina Libel and Josh Garrett-Davis
Marina McClure
Mary Gearhart
Mary Jane Klimkewicz
Michael Kendrick
Olivia Sandoval
Owen Granich-Young
Paul Menta
Phyllis Gorfain
Rachel Sherbill
Robert Gearhart
Robert Harper
Sam Maher
Shannon Fillion & Scott Troost
Shannon Scrofano
Terry Beem
Vinnie and Pat Menta
Vivian Kane